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Azure International Inc. announces International 2006 Convention
brochure (pdf format)
registration form (pdf format)
registration form (Excel format)

Azure International Inc. hosting 2006 Conference October 7th.
announcement (pdf format)
reservation card (pdf format)
agenda (pdf format)

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Heaven on earth is when we can break down perceptions which have kept us held back from experiencing fulfillment in life. As we unleash the power of inspiration we are endowed with relationship focus, decision clarity and a connection of harmony between our head and our hearts.

An impossible task? Maybe
A worthy undertaking? Certainly
A lifelong pursuit? Absolutely!

We have found sharing our experience, strength and hope with one another provides assistance in relieving the mental anguish many of us had buried deep in past experience, and serves to lighten the load of emotional suffering we had become accustomed to.


Azure International, Inc. is going the distance to support ethical business standards on the world stage.

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